Saturday, October 10, 2009

~ What a Fun Day ~

What a great day it was today!! We started out at Neumeier's Nursery for their fall festival (which I had never been to). It was really fun. There was food, music, pictures, booths, pumpkins, fall decorations, and their neat store covered in fall decorations. Mrs. Donna went with us and that really made it great. It is always nice to have another adult to have conversation with and help with the kids! Mrs. Donna is great!!! I love her.

The Hogs won!! WOO HOO!!! That added to the many great things about this day.

After the fall festival it was off to the mall on a shoe hunt for Lauren. She needed tennis shoes badly!! We went to several stores and found nothing! I had given up then decided to stop in Journeys to see if they had any and there they were!!! Those sweet pumas!! Lauren just fell in love with them. I fell in love with the price because they were on sale. Not to mention, they are cute! Ha! ( I just went in the living room to find Lauren in her jammies wearing her new tennis shoes!!) Lets see, where was I? Mall, shoes, cookies, rush to Gwood for some
Pitbull Football!! The game was fun, sad we lost. :(

After the game, ran through sonic for some dinner, came home, and I am ready to snuggle up and eat ice cream!!!

Love, Shaina