Monday, August 22, 2011

~ Movie Time ~

The week before school started we teamed up with the Hobbs family and ventured out to the movies. Here is Lauren with her friend, Paige. I took the girls and Jasper and we saw Judy Moody.

Here is a group shot. It is amazing how the older girls want to take care of Jasper. Most of the time he does not mind. I think he has a thing for pretty girls! HA!

The infamous Buddy and Hudson. These two are funny little guys. Their imaginations run wild when they are together. Mrs. Tonia took them and Clayton to see Kung Fu Panda II.

Lauren and Clayton. Love all the pictures we have of these two through the years. Never know....we might need them for a slide show someday. ;))

Friday, August 19, 2011

~ Hudson Turned 5 ~

My sweet Hudson and his famous picture at 10:56 am. That is the time he was born on August 9th, 2011. He weighed 8 pounds and 6 ounces.

Every year on his birthday I take a picture of him at the time he was born. Corny? Yes, but I have done it for 5 years now! Can't believe he is 5!! I am so glad he gets to stay home with me for one more year. I mean, he will go to preschool, but its not Kindergarten.

Hudson is an active little guy. Typical boy I suppose. He is all about sports! Football is his very favorite. NFL games have started appearing on tv and he is all about it. That is all the kid wants to watch. Hudson also loves clothes that are "sporty"....aka...under armour, nike, etc.....
Though, he also has a love for music. He likes to sing, but I think he will pick up the guitar when he gets a little older. :)

We love you so much!! You are such a joy and make us smile!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

~ Last Cruise Post ~

I could not leave out.....

all of our dear....




After all, this is the highlight of coming to your room for the evening.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~ Lauren Turned 11 ~

Yes, my sweet princess turned 11!!
When she woke up I had a cupcake and a chocolate covered strawberry waiting for her.
I thought she needed something special on her birthday since her party was on a different day.
Lauren was born on August 5, 2000 at 2:07 am in Fort Smith, AR at St. Edwards Mercy Medical Center. She weighed 8 pounds and 5 ounces. We knew she was going to be a girl, so we had all the pink stuff ready.

Lauren is now 11 and has started the 6th grade this year. She likes Justin Bieber, cheering, and hanging out with family. She also likes to do crafts and just made her first big purchase on her ipod touch. She was so proud to have saved her money and bought it on her own. Lauren will not just talk to anyone. She has to warm up to you and then when she breaks out of her shell, she really talks a lot.
Terral and I are so proud of the young lady Lauren is becoming and we really enjoy watching her grow up.

We love you Lauren!!!
We can not believe how quickly this past 11 years has gone!

~ Last Day at Sea ~

Hudson went to the Funship Freddy party at Camp Carnival. He enjoyed the activities they had. They got to dance with Funship Freddy, had his face painted, and there was some scavenger hunt they did.

Lauren and Grandpa at lunch.

I love pictures like this. There were so many times I would just stand at the balcony and look out at the water. It was just could just look out, see no land. It looked as if the sky and the water meet at some point. It was so awesome to think one God did this; created all of this. WOW!!

Just a view of the deck. Hudson and I loved the slide. Terral went on it too.

Theres Terral and Jasper.

My sweet Hudson!

This was some farewell party we went to. Guess what?! We got to dance! Ha! Imagine that!! :)

Aunt Karla and Uncle Ronnie

Terral and his dad.

Here is Edy doing his magic trick for the night.

The kids looked forward to what he was going to do every night.


Lauren mentioned her birthday was a couple days after we were getting off the boat. When Edy and Bruno heard this, they brought Lauren a piece of apple pie with a candle and sang to her. It was so special to her.

Happy Birthday to you!!

The last dinner on the boat. It was so sad to leave them. They were the best waiters we had!!

Look at Bruno's face!!

My sweet bunny. He was mad at me. Not sure why. I think he was so exhausted!!

There he is passed out with his boat in hand. He loves that thing. He now has it in his room.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~ A Day At Sea ~

On this day at sea, there was plenty of fun to be had. We took the kids to play mini-golf. For the record, I beat Terral! :)

Hud and I were the ones who wanted to swim. Really, I wanted to lay out and Hudson wanted to swim. I got to do both! Fun!!

Camp carnival had a family scavenger hunt. It was really fun! The kids enjoyed running around the boat finding different things.

We did not win, but the kids were given participation awards.

Here we are after the hunt. Of course, Hudson, with his peace sign!

Then it was off to dinner. Almost every night after dinner, the waiters dance. The kids would usually join them. This picture of Lauren looks bad, but she was just doing what the waiter did. It was all in good fun!

After dinner.

This was one of the assistant cruise directors, Alex. He invited Terral to play his fiddle in the comedy club a couple of different nights. Terral made a friend! Imagine that! :)

Here are the kids dancing! I love Harper's face in this picture. She was so serious!

Jasper enjoyed the dancing. He loves music!!

Hudson got so sleepy! Poor baby!

HA!! HA!! HA!! Our dancing friend is back!! Look at Aunt Karla behind him! She looks like she is praising the Lord!! I love it!!

Doing the twist!!!