Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cruise 2011

The time FINALLY came for us to go on the cruise we booked so long ago! I wanted to take pictures throughout the trip, so that is what I did. Here are the kids on the way to New Orleans where we boarded the ship.

Harper got to ride with the boys a little while. That was fun!!

We had to have a picture of the Greenwood, Louisiana sign!!

This one you can't read so well but it says "Meeker Turkey Creek". We had to get a picture of that also.
Just a snapshot of the boys as we travel. As you have probably noticed, Hudson would flash his peace sign in most photos. Not sure why, but it was his thing all week!

Aunt Karla and the boys at the outlet mall in Gonzales, Louisiana. This was a great outlet mall! I could have gone crazy!!

Bill, Stacy, and Tori. They decided to book the cruise with all us Meekers. They were brave! HA!

Everyone waiting patiently to get on the boat.

Harper and Hudson

Finally time to get on! This is Grandma Penny and Paul and Aunt Karla and Uncle Ronnie.

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