Thursday, July 30, 2009

~ Garage Sale ~

Thank you to Mrs. Harris who told me about a great yard sale. I typically do not find things for myself, but tonight I did!! I bought a cute green "puffy" coat for $5 in excellent shape. For Hudson I bought a pair of New Balance tennis shoes and a pair of rain boots for $2 a piece!! I also bought a pair of GAP jeans, a gwood t-shirt, and some camouflage shirts! Very sweet deals!!!
Pictures to come!

Love, Shaina

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~ Walgreens ~

EB will appreciate this posting. I am proud of my Walgreens finds a couple of weeks ago. I managed to get all of this for $14.88!! 2 packages of Huggies diapers
2 packages of Huggies wipes
2 containers of almonds
2 drawing tablets
1 package of stickers
and a package of sweettarts and m and m's.
It was great!! I was really thrilled with my finds. I wish I would have got more diapers!!

~ Back to Work ~

Well, it has happened! I have returned to work. Thank goodness I love my job and have a very trustworthy baby-sitter!!! Another blessing is that I only work two days a week. Though I have to admit I am tired. I worked yesterday and today and I am dragging a little bit!! It really was not that bad though. Of course I did shed a few tears dropping Jasper off this morning. I did yesterday too and the kids were with their dad!!! Terral did a very good job. When I arrived home from work his comment was "We are all in one piece". Jasper is a great baby!! Thank you Jesus!! I am truly a blessed woman!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jasper and Grandma Vicky
Lauren and Grandma Vicky

Great Grandpa Jack, Grandma Vicky and the kids

My mom and I

Mom, me, and my Grandpa Jack

Grandpa Jack and I

Great Grandpa Jack and Jasper

Well, what a life changing experience I have had the past week or so. On Friday, July 17th, I saw my mom, whom I have not seen in 11 years and I met my grandfather for the first time. It was AMAZING!! There was a family reunion in Branson, MO and we went. My mother lives in Washington state. We have kept in touch, but not real close contact. I was not raised by my mother, so that is why we haven't been that close. She had not spoken with or seen her father in 18 years and she found him in May. Then a cousin, Jim, contacted my mother and told her about the reunion and asked for my information and that is how the whole thing got started. My mom was not going to come to the reunion due to finances, but Jim payed for her to come. Jim is 73 and really close to my Grandpa Jack and knows what an experience it would be for my grandpa to meet me and see my mom. My grandpa is 74 and suffered from a stroke one year ago. It only affected the way he walks. He is precious. Never did I think I was going to fall in love with him the way I did. He was so sweet and I really enjoyed meeting him and talking with him. He only lives about 5 1/2 hours away in Texas!! We hope to go visit with him sometime. I did meet many more relatives of mine. Everyone was so friendly and welcomed us with open arms. There is so much history in the family.
After Branson my mom came home with us and stayed for a couple of days. It was great. We went to the nature center and shopped around some. It was so awesome to show her our sweet town of Greenwood, where we live, where Lauren goes to school, etc... There was so much I wanted her to see and I just wanted her to be proud of where I am in life and show off my wonderful children. I see so many of my friends with their mothers and hear them talk about the realtionship they have and it was great to have my mom actually here and briefly get to visit with her. God really put all the pieces together for her to be here. It was truly wonderful. It really showed me how blessed I was and that no matter what, how my kids will always want a relationship with me. A goal I have always had in life was to be the BEST mother I could be to my children. I just want to follow the path God has layed for me and appreciate the moments I get with each person I come in contact with.
Thank you Jesus for my sweet cousin Jim who followed his heart and reunited my mother, grandpa, and I. I am so grateful!!!
Love, Shaina

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

~ Play date ~

Today was a great day. We had a play date with Mrs. Farris today and her sweet girls. It was so nice to visit with her and the girls. McDonalds is always a good place to go for adult conversation because the kids have something to do. They come running when they need a drink and go straight back to playing. Thank you Jessica for the visit!!

Much love to all,

Monday, July 13, 2009

~ July 4th Weekend ~

Terral and I

The kids dancing to the music.

Lauren and her Gma

Terral and his mom.

People playing at the square.

The family musicians.

Terral and Jasper

All of Jasper Meeker's children, grand, and great-grandchildren.

Cousin Billy!


Baby Jasper with Grandpa Jasper's sisters.

At the square in Mountain View.

Mountain View.

My little musician.

Hud and Harp

Lauren and Terral

The three kids!

Lauren and Jasper

The dancers.

Gathered around.

This is the place we ate. Not the best picture. There was a trailer where you ordered. This place was just a little shack. There were only screens over the window openings. No real windows.

The homestead.

This July 4th was great! We headed over to Mt. View, Arkansas for Terral's family reunion. Mountain View is such a neat little town. It was a lot of fun. We arrived on Friday and met T's parents, Rob and Linds, and Ralph and Jen for lunch. Then off to the square we went for some shopping. There are some fun stores and lots of antiques. Terral always enjoys the music stores of course. For dinner some of the family went to this catfish place to eat. I must say TOTALLY hillbilly style! I was so surprised when we got there, but we ate there with the fam!! Then we went out to the homestead as some of the relatives call it. We all "hang out" at this extremely old house where T's grandfather and siblings grew up. The house is very run down, but very neat because it has so much history. There T and some family play music and people dance. It is so cool. Just so again, hillbilly! After all, we do live in Arkansas! :)

Saturday we had the potluck dinner at the homestead and hung out there. Then we went into town to play music and watch fireworks. People from the town and all over sit at the square and play music. It is awesome to listen to all the musicians. T and the others found a gazebo to set up and play. I must say T had THE best time. I really enjoyed listening to him play.

Some of you might look at the pictures and think wow hillbillies do exist, but one of my great friends described it as "roots". (I am sure you can figure out who!) It is roots and there are so many memories at the homestead and many more to be made. I am thankful for Terral's family and the simplicity they bring to so many events like this one.

Love, Shaina

Thursday, July 9, 2009

~ Pinky Promise ~

So, I am really behind on blogging!! I have so much to tell and show you all, but seems I have no time lately. TH and I are having a garage sale this weekend at my house and I have been committed to that, plus keeping up the house and feeding baby Jasper every two hours!!! But, I must tell this story because I love it!!

Last night Terral and I were making a "deal" about something. We had reached an agreement and he looked at me, stuck out his pinky and made me "pinky promise"! I thought it was so sweet. A pinky promise request coming from my husband!!!! I wanted to kiss him a million times over!

I will post more probably tomorrow. I have so much to tell!!!

Love, Shaina