Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~ A Weekend in Branson ~

The kids observing a checkers game on the famous porch of Cracker Barrel.

Isn't this the cutest? C Hobbs and L enjoying each other's company at Cracker Barrel.

We found a great hotel last year and decided to stay there again. The great thing...they serve cobbler, cookies, and ice cream at night! How awesome is that?

The Hobbs family in Branson! We were so excited they decided to come!! We love hanging out with them!! They are just part of the family! Terral's parents love 'em too! When we are all together we have such a great time!

Boarded on the tram to Silver Dollar City!

Look at those smiles! They all had a great time! The Hobbs children enjoyed ALL the roller coasters. They are little dare devils. Hudson went on Thunderation for the first time and I think he is scarred for life! Oops.....