Monday, September 27, 2010

~ 10 Spur ~

This weekend was a very tiresome but overall a fun weekend.
Friday evening we went to the "dinosaur" talk (that is what I call it). Those of you who went with the school age kids are asking, "Why in the world would she want to go to that?" I am really not into the whole dinosaur thing, but I am glad I went. When the school took the kids there was not at thing mentioned about God or creation. In the evening, the presentation was very different. The focus was on the dinosaurs and when they were on the Earth and places in the Bible where it is interpreted dinosaurs were part of God's creation. It was very interesting. Glad I went.

On Saturday, Lauren was supposed to cheer in Sallisaw, but I changed our family plans. You see, Terral plays his fiddle in the band 10 Spur and they had a "gig" in Searcy, AR. I decided we were going to go and listen to Dad play the fiddle. If I were singing somewhere, even if it was just one song, Terral would be there. He is so supportive and a wonderful husband, so instead of doing a "kid" thing and watching Lauren, I decided it was Dad's turn. There are many more games left for us to watch Lauren. The kids had a great time in Searcy. There were booths set up so we walked around and the kids were bombarded with stickers from politicians, but they loved it. There was also one set up with a tv so we stood around and watched the hog game. It was really exciting until the very end..... :(

Watching Terral and the band perform was so much fun. They really did a great job. After the show they had some people ask where they could get a cd!! People were stopping Shawn and wanting pictures.. It was so sweet!! Mike Lensing played with them because the guy who usually plays could not, so it was fun to have Angela hang out with us and he did a great job as well. I was so proud of Terral. :)

Sunday was church and Brother Ronnie delivered God's message so well. We really are so blessed to have him at our church! The message really made me examine my heart and my intentions on some things. It is an amazing feeling when you really feel God working in your life.
Sunday was also the annual fireman's picnic. The kids played on bounce arounds and there was food, food, food.... It was great!!

Overall, we had a great weekend. It was a blast and we are all tired. Naps after school maybe? Ha! Not a chance!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

~ First Cotillion ~

Blakely, Cassie, Sarah Beth, Hadley, and Lauren

Lauren and Connor

Well, the day finally came for Lauren's first cotillion. She was so excited! It was complete with dancing, etiquette instructions, and refreshments. They started out with some line dancing and then it happened... It was time for the boys to ask the girls to dance. It was really funny how they suddenly separated. Lauren was asked by Dane Drennan. The sweet boy had two girls to dance with because there are more girls than boys. (He will appreciate this later on in life HA!) After their partner dancing the kids went around with a different partner to each station to learn about proper communication, eye contact, proper handshake, how to sit lady-like etc... This time her partner was Connor Rouse.

I am hoping Lauren can learn a lot from her experiences with cotillion. She enjoyed it.. not too sure about the boys. It was so fun to watch and take pictures. I can't believe how grown-up all the kids looked on the stage. Can't wait until October to see how the next one goes.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

~ Bowen's Heart ~

I wanted to share this with you all who read this blog.

There is a band, Sanctus Real. They are wonderful. The lead singer is Matt and he and his wife Sarah welcomed into the world a sweet baby boy named Bowen. Please take the time to read this miraculous story and pray for them. God is truly wonderful!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

~ Old Pictures ~

I came across these pictures today and realized I never posted them. There are some good ones here. These are a few of our good friends we had over last winter. Its great to look at the kids and to see how they have grown.
We are blessed to have all of these wonderful people in our lives. Isn't it great to have people to go through life with. There are so many times we need each other.