Thursday, June 25, 2009

~ SW Pictures ~

Sweet Baby Jasper
Mommy and Jasper

3 little blessings

a moment captured by Shannon Walker
Thank you Shannon Walker!! She captured these precious moments for us a few weeks ago. I think Jasper was only 10 days old. This shoot was fun! I just love Shannon and really admire her as a woman and mother. She really is amazing!! I do not think I could say enough about her.
During this shoot, Lauren was so sweet. She really helped me out a lot with the boys, retrieving things, keeping Hudson calm, etc... Jasper did well. He basically slept the whole time as we moved him and put him in different positions to capture every little feature. Hudson was basically bribed with many different things. Toys, gum, juice boxes and who knows what else.
Thank you Shannon for doing an amazing job and being so patient with us!! You are a blessing to so many people. I hope you know I love you girl!!
Love, Shaina

~ Potty Training ~

Well, I think Hudson has finally begun potty training! I am so excited and overwhelmed at the same time. Yesterday was a rough "potty" day, but today has been great. Hudson decided he was ready and I was not about to argue. This is "potty" day #5!! We have been putting diapers on Hud at night to keep the bed dry. Well, last night he informed us he was not a baby and did not need a diaper. Terral managed to still get him to wear it though. I am not sure if it is the right move though. What does everyone else think. I would love to know someone else's opinion. Diaper at night?


Love, Shaina

Monday, June 22, 2009

~ Father's Day~

Mr. Berg, Mr. Harris, and Terral
Hudson and his cousin

The family!

Lauren, Daddy, and Hudson

What a fun filled Father's Day!! After church we went to Terral's parents, then it was off to Mazzio's for lunch. At least I did not have to cook!! :) On the way home from lunch, dear Hudson fell asleep so we all had nap time. Except for the Lauren of course!! It was wonderful to get a nap. Then we had fun filled family swim time at the Berg residence!! The water was great. Terral and I took turns swimming and watching Jasper. I think I had more time out of the water due to Baby J's eating sessions!! It was a lot of fun though. I really hope Terral had a great Father's Day!! He really deserves the BEST!! He is a truly wonderful husband and father. He works so hard for our family and gives us so much of his heart! I love him so much.
I can't forget my wonderful father, who passed some years ago! I will always love him and think of him, not only on Father's Day, but everyday. I love you Daddy and miss you sooooo much!!!
Love, Shaina

~ Lauren ~

Such a proud Big Sister!
She knows just what to do.

She truly loves him!
I must say, Lauren has been so wonderful with Jasper. She is always willing to help. So sweet!! I am truly blessed to have her as a daughter!
Lauren- I love you so much. Thanks for being who you are. You have such a big heart. You will always be my princess!
Love to all-

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

~ Success ~

Yesterday was a wonderful day!! The kids and I managed to go to Fort Smith. Of course I was nervous going to Fort Smith with the three children by myself. I knew Jasper would be in the stroller, so where did that leave Hudson?- on his sweet very curious little feet!!! Our first stop was Old Navy. I wanted to check out their Father's Day deals. Men's 1/2 price sale. It was totally worth it!! Shorts, polos, swim trunks, etc. All 50% off! It was great!! Then of course we had to see what they had in store for Lauren. Not a huge selection for her as there never is, but we managed to find a few things she needed!!
Next stop, my work for a little visit and of course Jasper got hungry so I fed him as well. The kids played very well while I had my visit and tended to Jasper. Then it was off to the mall. We had some gift cards to use at Dillards and we really found some great deals. Lauren and I found clothes for her and it was great. My sweet princess really needed some summer items. She managed to get a turquoise and brown polka dot swimsuit, a pair of shorts (sale $12.99), and two solid color v-neck shirts. Then we walked to Justice where we had to purchase the too cool peace sign flip-flops and Children's Place. The poor boys ended up with nothing (except for Dad). They did not really need anything though.
I really did not plan on going on about the purchases. My success was going out without Dad and it was good. The kids were awesome!!! I rewarded them with the wonderful cookies at where else? Great American Cookie Company!! I was just so pleased with their behavior. They did not fight, when I told Hudson "no" he did not fight back, just went on about his business. He stayed close to the stroller and never ran away, which he is known for. Thank you to my great children for being on your best behavior!! I love you all so much!!
Love, Shaina

Friday, June 12, 2009

~ A Day In The Life...~

Well, here it is 2:45. I did vacuum today and I made the bed. Major accomplishments!!
The rest of my day has consisted of Jasper wanting to be held constantly, Hudson peeing in the floor, having no electricity and wondering if the kids and I needed to take cover from the storm. Needless to say, the forever planned swimming day was canceled. So, my next attempt for the day is to shower and make it to the library before they close. Dinner? It has been on my mind of what to make. I will have a trip to the store hopefully after the library trip. Thanks for listening everyone.

Love, Shaina

Thursday, June 11, 2009

~ 2 Weeks Old ~

First trip in the stroller to Ms. Tonia's.
Two weeks old.

Two weeks old with my Daddy!

My boys!!

Well, here it is June 11th and I am just now blogging about Jasper being 2 weeks old. Only a couple days late. :) Can you believe it? The time is going by so fast!! I took J to his 2 week appointment and he weighs 9 lbs and 6 oz. He definitely likes to eat. Everything is going well. We have to go back next week because of a little heart murmur. It is going to be no big deal. God is watching over my little man!!! Please pray for him though!!
I had to take some pictures of Jasper with his Daddy. They were both wearing navy blue which was sweet. Then I had to throw in the one of Hudson and Jasper. I think the picture is too cute so I want the world to see!!! I hope the day is going well for everyone!!
Love, Shaina

Monday, June 8, 2009

~ Mommy Moment ~

Just wanted to take the time to share my "mommy" moment. Jasper is such a blessing to our family! He is truly a gift from God. I love him so much and am really enjoying watching him grow and change each and ever day! This precious addition to our family has taught me to stop and really take in each and every moment with my children. I am appreciating each stage my children are in more and more. They grow and change so quickly and it is truly sad to me. I just don't want to forget those sweet little noises Jasper makes and the precious little cry!! So, I am taking in each moment instead of letting it pass by!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Baby Jasper

Proud Daddy
Proud sister and brother

Mandy, Ashley, and I

Sweet Jasper

The first picture of the five of us!!!

Momma and Jasper

Going home

Love, Shaina