Thursday, June 11, 2009

~ 2 Weeks Old ~

First trip in the stroller to Ms. Tonia's.
Two weeks old.

Two weeks old with my Daddy!

My boys!!

Well, here it is June 11th and I am just now blogging about Jasper being 2 weeks old. Only a couple days late. :) Can you believe it? The time is going by so fast!! I took J to his 2 week appointment and he weighs 9 lbs and 6 oz. He definitely likes to eat. Everything is going well. We have to go back next week because of a little heart murmur. It is going to be no big deal. God is watching over my little man!!! Please pray for him though!!
I had to take some pictures of Jasper with his Daddy. They were both wearing navy blue which was sweet. Then I had to throw in the one of Hudson and Jasper. I think the picture is too cute so I want the world to see!!! I hope the day is going well for everyone!!
Love, Shaina


  1. So Cute! I feel so honored, here was his first stroller trip!

  2. I love how Hudson is hugging his little brother!!!! Jasper is adorable!