Monday, June 22, 2009

~ Father's Day~

Mr. Berg, Mr. Harris, and Terral
Hudson and his cousin

The family!

Lauren, Daddy, and Hudson

What a fun filled Father's Day!! After church we went to Terral's parents, then it was off to Mazzio's for lunch. At least I did not have to cook!! :) On the way home from lunch, dear Hudson fell asleep so we all had nap time. Except for the Lauren of course!! It was wonderful to get a nap. Then we had fun filled family swim time at the Berg residence!! The water was great. Terral and I took turns swimming and watching Jasper. I think I had more time out of the water due to Baby J's eating sessions!! It was a lot of fun though. I really hope Terral had a great Father's Day!! He really deserves the BEST!! He is a truly wonderful husband and father. He works so hard for our family and gives us so much of his heart! I love him so much.
I can't forget my wonderful father, who passed some years ago! I will always love him and think of him, not only on Father's Day, but everyday. I love you Daddy and miss you sooooo much!!!
Love, Shaina

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  1. So glad you all had a great day! Terral is a great dad!