Thursday, June 25, 2009

~ SW Pictures ~

Sweet Baby Jasper
Mommy and Jasper

3 little blessings

a moment captured by Shannon Walker
Thank you Shannon Walker!! She captured these precious moments for us a few weeks ago. I think Jasper was only 10 days old. This shoot was fun! I just love Shannon and really admire her as a woman and mother. She really is amazing!! I do not think I could say enough about her.
During this shoot, Lauren was so sweet. She really helped me out a lot with the boys, retrieving things, keeping Hudson calm, etc... Jasper did well. He basically slept the whole time as we moved him and put him in different positions to capture every little feature. Hudson was basically bribed with many different things. Toys, gum, juice boxes and who knows what else.
Thank you Shannon for doing an amazing job and being so patient with us!! You are a blessing to so many people. I hope you know I love you girl!!
Love, Shaina


  1. Shaina, the pictures are AMAZING!!!!!

  2. Thanks sweet Shania! I enjoyed every moment of it! Well, he is a super sweet little guy, so happy for you guys! I just hate that Terral had to work....:( we'll catch up with him later. He's not off the hook yet! :) You have three beautiful little ones...

    Love you too!!! Shannon

  3. oh my goodness!!! so good!!! she did a great job!! of course it makes it easier when the subjects are beautiful!! :) ya'll look so sweet!!!

  4. These are beautiful! You will treasure these forever . . .

  5. Hi Shania. I stumbled onto your blog through Shannon Walker's. Love these pics. She always does such an awesome job!

    I actually knew your husband a VERY long time ago (I couldn't be more than 10 yrs old!) when we went to the First Assembly of God in Hackett.

    Small world!

    Tell him Jennifer Fox says hello (It signed me in under my husband's name) You two have a beautiful family. :)