Thursday, July 9, 2009

~ Pinky Promise ~

So, I am really behind on blogging!! I have so much to tell and show you all, but seems I have no time lately. TH and I are having a garage sale this weekend at my house and I have been committed to that, plus keeping up the house and feeding baby Jasper every two hours!!! But, I must tell this story because I love it!!

Last night Terral and I were making a "deal" about something. We had reached an agreement and he looked at me, stuck out his pinky and made me "pinky promise"! I thought it was so sweet. A pinky promise request coming from my husband!!!! I wanted to kiss him a million times over!

I will post more probably tomorrow. I have so much to tell!!!

Love, Shaina


  1. i love it! jamie and i still pinky promise too!! it's how i know he's really serious about something! haha!! :)
    hope your garage sale goes great!!!