Monday, July 13, 2009

~ July 4th Weekend ~

Terral and I

The kids dancing to the music.

Lauren and her Gma

Terral and his mom.

People playing at the square.

The family musicians.

Terral and Jasper

All of Jasper Meeker's children, grand, and great-grandchildren.

Cousin Billy!


Baby Jasper with Grandpa Jasper's sisters.

At the square in Mountain View.

Mountain View.

My little musician.

Hud and Harp

Lauren and Terral

The three kids!

Lauren and Jasper

The dancers.

Gathered around.

This is the place we ate. Not the best picture. There was a trailer where you ordered. This place was just a little shack. There were only screens over the window openings. No real windows.

The homestead.

This July 4th was great! We headed over to Mt. View, Arkansas for Terral's family reunion. Mountain View is such a neat little town. It was a lot of fun. We arrived on Friday and met T's parents, Rob and Linds, and Ralph and Jen for lunch. Then off to the square we went for some shopping. There are some fun stores and lots of antiques. Terral always enjoys the music stores of course. For dinner some of the family went to this catfish place to eat. I must say TOTALLY hillbilly style! I was so surprised when we got there, but we ate there with the fam!! Then we went out to the homestead as some of the relatives call it. We all "hang out" at this extremely old house where T's grandfather and siblings grew up. The house is very run down, but very neat because it has so much history. There T and some family play music and people dance. It is so cool. Just so again, hillbilly! After all, we do live in Arkansas! :)

Saturday we had the potluck dinner at the homestead and hung out there. Then we went into town to play music and watch fireworks. People from the town and all over sit at the square and play music. It is awesome to listen to all the musicians. T and the others found a gazebo to set up and play. I must say T had THE best time. I really enjoyed listening to him play.

Some of you might look at the pictures and think wow hillbillies do exist, but one of my great friends described it as "roots". (I am sure you can figure out who!) It is roots and there are so many memories at the homestead and many more to be made. I am thankful for Terral's family and the simplicity they bring to so many events like this one.

Love, Shaina


  1. Sounds like fuN! Those are great pictures!

  2. It's true girl. Your kids are very fortunate to have such a big family that is full of love. You just made them some priceless memories. They will tell their kids about it and so on. I love being around people I can just relax and let my hair. Good times.

  3. Fun~ I wanna dance...neighborhood jam, your yard or TH's- T playing the music and lots of dancing!