Saturday, February 12, 2011

~ New Interests ~

What is this??
Jasper sitting on the potty?

This little guy has a new interest.
He loves the potty.
He asks to sit on there several times a day.
There was one specific time he actually went #2!
It was very exciting! I really think it was a freak thing though.
But, he is interested.
That is a good thing.
I think having a big brother to look up to and watch makes a difference.

I love my Jasper!
He fills my heart with joy!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

~ Snow, Snow, Snow ~

The boys before we went out. It was such a job getting everyone dressed for the snow!

Here are a few shots taken out the front door. I just wanted to capture the beauty of the snow.

What a beautiful site! Can you see the pond?

Beau and Becky went sledding with us. It was so cold!! These snow pictures were taken within several days of each other. I think they had a good time; not sure if they knew how crazy the Meekers are!!

Becky and Piper about to hit the hill. It was so fun!

Look at J! Still smiling despite the cold. Poor guy could barely walk. He was layered up!

I love this picture of Harper and Lauren. They are so sweet together. Lauren wants a sister; I always tell her Harper is the closest that she has. I really think they adore each other. I hope Lauren can be a good role model for Harper.

Ralph and Abby. It is a little difficult to make out who that sweet "pink" girl is.

I love this picture, Grandma helping Jasper up the hill. I love the kids have a grandma who is adventurous and enjoys doing fun things with the kids!

J really enjoyed the sled. He would say "slide, slide". This was the first day we went, so it was more exciting to him than the days after that.

Lauren and I.
Gotta love the coveralls! They kept me warm!!

J, Terral, and Grandma....

The snow was so beautiful, another one of the many of God's creations!!
I am glad we were able to enjoy it. After we went sledding, we came home a ALL piled on the 4-wheeler for a ride behind the house. The kids loved it!
Good times.....

~ Super Bowl Fun ~

This year our Lifegroup Super Bowl party was at the Andrews house. We do this every year; eat, watch the game, and let the kids play.
The kids had a great time as well as the adults.
There was so much food!!!
It was so great to hang out.
I love some good fellowship!
I do love football too, but I did not care who won either way this year.
It was the Greenbay Packers and the Pittsburg Steelers.

Is that even right???

Anyway, the Packers won!

Friday, February 4, 2011

~ All Zipped Up ~

This little guy was packed up are ready to go!!

We put him in and zipped him up.
Its crazy the things you do when you are stuck in the house for a week!!

Happy Snow Days to all!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~ Weekend Fun ~

Just a few snippets from the weekend. (I know this picture is off, Lauren took it but it was the only group shot I had).

Had some great girl time with a few friends, some good food, and sweet kids playing.

I thought spring was on its way, so TH dressed for it, but the sleet and snow have arrived. UGH!!

These three sweet girls had a blast! Their night consisted of nail polish, makeup, and a lot of dresses! I wish I would have taken a picture of the boys!

Miss EW is adorable!! I love to hear her talk. She loves her babies and takes great care of them!!

Love these pictures! The kids loved the warm weather. They even pulled out their shorts.
The weather was amazing!! Hudson loved practicing for tball. He is so ready for sign-ups. I am glad we had time to spend outside. Especially since we are stuck inside now with the freezing temperatures!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

~ Evangelism Conference ~

Last week our praise team had the honor (really and truly an honor) of providing the worship at the Arkansas Baptist Evangelism Conference.

It was amazing!!! We worshiped our hearts out. We heard some excellent speakers and saw some awesome skits. Have you ever heard of the Skit Guys? If not, youtube them. They have a heart for God and can reach people like I have never seen.

I am getting to know these people more and more and I love it!! I know I have said before, we are all different, have different backgrounds, but we love the Lord and want to serve Him.

Love the Thompsons!!

This is a great group of gentlemen. They are a blast to be around.
Do you all know Brother Tom?
If not, you should. I mean really take the time to introduce yourself. He would love it. He has a heart for the Lord and for people. He is a wonderful leader and does a wonderful job!!