Tuesday, February 1, 2011

~ Evangelism Conference ~

Last week our praise team had the honor (really and truly an honor) of providing the worship at the Arkansas Baptist Evangelism Conference.

It was amazing!!! We worshiped our hearts out. We heard some excellent speakers and saw some awesome skits. Have you ever heard of the Skit Guys? If not, youtube them. They have a heart for God and can reach people like I have never seen.

I am getting to know these people more and more and I love it!! I know I have said before, we are all different, have different backgrounds, but we love the Lord and want to serve Him.

Love the Thompsons!!

This is a great group of gentlemen. They are a blast to be around.
Do you all know Brother Tom?
If not, you should. I mean really take the time to introduce yourself. He would love it. He has a heart for the Lord and for people. He is a wonderful leader and does a wonderful job!!

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  1. We certainly appreciate the praise team!! It is a blessing to worship with you guys each Sunday! Thank you all for sharing your gift of music for His glory!