Saturday, February 12, 2011

~ New Interests ~

What is this??
Jasper sitting on the potty?

This little guy has a new interest.
He loves the potty.
He asks to sit on there several times a day.
There was one specific time he actually went #2!
It was very exciting! I really think it was a freak thing though.
But, he is interested.
That is a good thing.
I think having a big brother to look up to and watch makes a difference.

I love my Jasper!
He fills my heart with joy!!


  1. O my goodness what a sweet face! He is getting too big!

  2. That is SO cute! Andrew was SUPER easy to potty train. He pretty much did it on his own. He just wanted to wear underwear and use the toilet like Daniel. Having a big brother really helps! :)

  3. So good to see you in class today! I know 5 a.m. is early but hang in there! It's worth it! :) See you Monday!