Tuesday, March 1, 2011

~ King and Queen of Hearts Ball ~

On Febrauary 12th, Lauren had her last cotillion session of the year. She had a wonderful time participating and is excited for next year!

I really love how Mrs. MaryAnn included the parents during several occasions. She did a terrific job with the students.
Here is the 5th grade Westwood crew.

At the last cotillion session, each student voted for a king and queen for their grade.
The 2nd runners-up for 5th grade were Blake Bartlett and Blakely McEvoy.
The 1st runners-up were Elliot Gross and Lauren Meeker.
The King was Zane Harmon and the queen was Sarah Beth Moore.
Lauren was so excited!! I was so proud of her.
I just can not believe Lauren is in 5th grade. The time is really flying by.

Lauren is so great with her brothers. They adore her and she does them as well.


  1. So sweet Shaina! All these pictures are SO cute!! Espec love the one of your whole fam & the one of your kids. PRECIOUS!

  2. That last picture is precious!! Your kids are all adorable!

  3. Lauren looks so beautiful!! Your family is precious :)

  4. Love the family picture!! Congrats on her being 1st Runner Up!!!

  5. Awe, your family is so beautiful!

  6. Great pictures! My most favoritest is T and Lauren! So so pretty!

  7. SO PRETTY! I need some info on Cotillion....like starting age, etc...Let's talk some time after our morning workout session! Missed you this morning!