Monday, March 28, 2011

~ Tulsa Zoo ~

Friday, Terral took the day off of work so we ventured to the Tulsa zoo.

The boys had never been and it was the perfect day. We dressed in long sleeves and took coats in fear of cool temperatures. By the end of the day, we were rolling up our sleeves. They boys had layered, so they were able to take their long sleeved shirts off.

Here are T and the kids aboard the train. Jasper enjoyed his little ride.

I wish Jasper would have been looking at the camera. It would have made this picture so much better. Look at that smile!!!

Here they are posing in front of the elephant. I think that was the elephant that is 63 years old!! Wow!!

I just love giraffes! Such unique creatures!

You can't really see the zebras that well here. The kids wanted me to take pictures of all the animals. I did not get them all though!
After we ate lunch, the kids played on the playground at the zoo. There were several pieces of equipment for them to play on. Lauren is so good to jump right in and play with them. She loves her brothers!!
The boys liked the petting zoo. There were mainly goats. Actually, I think that was all there was to pet. Luckily, we got out of there without the goats eating our clothing!
The monkeys were my favorite! Terral's too! We could have just sit and watched them for hours. They are fascinating. The kids thought they were funny too!
Hudson's favorite was the tiger and the lion.
Lauren's favorite were the penguins. They were really cute. We liked watching them swim around.

After the zoo we headed to Braums for ice cream and then hit the road.
It was such a great day!!
It is not too often we all five are together. I am glad we took advantage of our time and took a little trip. Did I mention it was mine and Terral's

Happy Anniversary Babe!!!


  1. Fun times! You have such a sweet family!! Happy Anniversary by the way!

  2. aww! i love the tulsa zoo! it was always my favorite as a kid (and still is haha)
    Happy Anniversary!!! how many years?! you should do a post on it! and give us some old pics of you two ;)