Friday, March 11, 2011

~ Shout out to Dad ~

I just love this picture and these boys so much!!
Jasper has become quite the little picture taking man.
Hud and J LOVE their daddy sooooo much!!
Terral is a wonder father and husband.
I am proud to call him my husband!!
He is such a hard worker and has a genuine heart that is full of love.
He is constantly searching for ways to help people.
I hope our children learn from their daddy and have a passion for Christ and people as much as he does!!

I love you Terral!!!


  1. great picture! thats definately a "framer" =)
    Jasper is such a little cute.
    & Hudson is just precious it seems like not too long ago he was Jaspers size =( where does the time go

  2. I think I will puke after reading your post. . . I am mad a my sweet, sweet husband. If I am not mistaken he could possibly be a 2nd grader, if not, he sure knows how to act like one. Just keepin' it real sister.

  3. Just found your blog and wanted to say hi! :)