Friday, May 21, 2010

~ Prayer Request ~

Please pray for Mrs. Harriet Hickey today.

She is having back surgery.

I know she would truly appreciate our prayers.

Love, Shaina

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~ Melts My Heart ~

This picture melts my heart!!
I love them so much!!

Love, Shaina

~ Sweet Friends ~

These boys hung out today. They have so much fun together. I just love to listen to their conversations!! Do you think they are ready for summer? Hudson calls him Cars (when he doesn't call him Buddy). It is really cute.

This little guy is ready for some swimming!!

Love, Shaina

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

~Sing, Sing, Sing ~

Had praise team practice tonight.

It is the highlight of my week.

Praising God!

Love it!!

Love, Shaina

Sunday, May 16, 2010

~ Ready, Aim, Fire ~

Ready, aim, fire.

Really me?

I have NEVER shot a gun in my life. To be honest, I was a little frightened. Terral was shooting the camera as Greg was teaching me how to fire a gun.
Gosh, I am such a city girl! HA!

We were at the Driscoll's farm after the wedding rehearsal. I must say the wedding was incredible. It was everything a wedding is supposed to be. There was so much love and meaning in everything they did.
Lighting the unity candle, taking their first communion as a married couple, praying together, giving each other their "true love waits" rings.
It was so emotional and sweet.

So, to Jake and Emily Gordon...
May God Bless you with many wonderful years together. You are both precious people and we will miss you both!!

Love, Shaina

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~ MOPS ~

Mops was really wonderful today. It was one of those meetings when you sit back and thank God for placing certain people in your life. Harriet Hickey is one of those people. She is truly a Godly woman. She is one who honors God and her husband. Being our mentor mom for Mops has been truly amazing. She has done a terrific job and she will be dearly missed. Harriet has challenged me in so many ways from taking care of my body, eating the right foods, to digging in the Word and strengthening my relationship with God. Today she really showed each of us how she loves us and made us feel so special. SS was right, there are "Big" shoes to fill. I know God will bring just the right person to fill those. I pray she has just as much wisdom as Mrs. Harriet Hickey.

On another note, our speaker today was Kelly, from Kelly's Korner. She did a great job speaking to our group. She spoke about blogging and why she does and why she thinks it is important. Kelly really gave some good points. Our children grow up so fast and it is hard to remember every little thing about them, so if you blog about it, you can go back and remember those precious memories.

Kelly's blog has really touched a lot of people and God has really used it for the good. It was really awesome to see and hear her talk about people being saved through her blog. Isn't that what we are here for? To spread God's word and share His love? He took a girl in Arkansas and used her for something so big to others and so little to her. She was so sweet about it and just wants to be know as the "girl in Arkansas". It was a privilege to meet her and I respect the way she presented herself. Harper was adorable too!!

Thanks for coming Kelly!!

Love, Shaina Meeker

~ Student of the Month Breakfast ~

Here is my sweet Lauren at her student of the month breakfast. She was so excited when Ms. Edwards told her she was student of the month. She waited all year!!

We took the boys, basically because we had too. Hudson really enjoyed it. He carried the tray and he really felt like a big boy in school! It was cute. He really loves his sister. Can you tell?

Lauren and Mrs. Fox

Students of the month for 4th grade.
Dad, Lauren, Mom, and Jasper. Hudson chose to not be in the picture.

We are really proud of Lauren. She has worked really hard this year. She is such a sweet young lady and I love to watch her mature and grow. Last week, Lauren and her friend Hannah started a Bible study at recess. She has been taking her Bible to school each day and when she comes home, she tells me what they talked about and who was there. I have been so anxious to talk to her and find out what scriptures they went over. This really warms my heart. I know God has plans for Lauren and I pray she continues to stay on His path.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

~ T-ball ~

This was at Hudson's first t-ball game. He did a great job. It is such a joy to watch him.

Harper and Hudson, we are going to have many of these pictures. They will probably do everything together.

My sweet t-ball player.

After the game.
He is down and ready. The only problem we have is Hudson wants to tackle anyone who is going for the ball. It is quite funny actually. Though, I am pretty sure other parents are not in agreement with me, especially if their child is the one being tackled. :)

It is so fun to watch him play. I am so thankful God blessed me with a son who can run, play, smile, laugh, and love.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

~ Weekend Fun ~

Terral and I at our beautiful hotel.

This was the view where we were sitting during the wedding. Beautiful! You can see the tents off to the left. That is where the reception was held. Can you see the lake in the distance?
This is Terral and his frat brother, Jody. They are great friends. It was good to see the two of them together again.

Terral, Matt Hartsfield, another Sig Tau, and Jody.

Jody, Jay and Terral. The three amigos! Jay was the one whose wedding we were attending. These two guys were in our wedding ten years ago. It was great to see them. Both of them are finishing medical school. Jody is an orthopedic surgeon and Jay is specializing in pediatric oncology. They all pledged together and played football together at UCA.

Terral and I had a great weekend. We went to Little Rock for a wedding. The wedding was actually in Scott, AR at Marlsgate Plantation. It was outside and very nice. The weather was crazy, but it did not rain during the ceremony. We were able to get away without the children. Terral's parents were kind enough to watch them while we went. It was so nice to get away. In March, Terral and I celebrated our ten year anniversary, but we did not really get to do anything special. So, this was our little celebration. On our way to Little Rock, we stopped in Conway. The sweet thing was Conway was where we met, T and I. So, it was great to be there and see some places where we started our journey together. They just happened to be having Toad Suck Daze so we stopped in and ventured through. Then it was off to our hotel. When Terral and I had our first "real" date 11 years ago it was to "White Rose", the Sig Tau formal. Well, the hotel we stayed at was where it was held. So, the whole weekend was so sentimental. With the hotel, and seeing our old stomping grounds of Conway, and then seeing all the people we used to hang out with then, and the guys who were in our wedding. It just brought back so many memories and the feeling of that "young love". It really made me fall in love all over again. It was all so precious!! I just love Terral so much. God brought us together and I am so thankful He did. He is a wonderful Father and husband.