Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~ Student of the Month Breakfast ~

Here is my sweet Lauren at her student of the month breakfast. She was so excited when Ms. Edwards told her she was student of the month. She waited all year!!

We took the boys, basically because we had too. Hudson really enjoyed it. He carried the tray and he really felt like a big boy in school! It was cute. He really loves his sister. Can you tell?

Lauren and Mrs. Fox

Students of the month for 4th grade.
Dad, Lauren, Mom, and Jasper. Hudson chose to not be in the picture.

We are really proud of Lauren. She has worked really hard this year. She is such a sweet young lady and I love to watch her mature and grow. Last week, Lauren and her friend Hannah started a Bible study at recess. She has been taking her Bible to school each day and when she comes home, she tells me what they talked about and who was there. I have been so anxious to talk to her and find out what scriptures they went over. This really warms my heart. I know God has plans for Lauren and I pray she continues to stay on His path.


  1. That is amazing that Lauren is doing a bible study at her age! AMAZING! I bet you are so proud! Way to go Lauren on student of the month!! I LOVE the picture of all 3 kids!!! They are getting so big!!