Wednesday, May 12, 2010

~ MOPS ~

Mops was really wonderful today. It was one of those meetings when you sit back and thank God for placing certain people in your life. Harriet Hickey is one of those people. She is truly a Godly woman. She is one who honors God and her husband. Being our mentor mom for Mops has been truly amazing. She has done a terrific job and she will be dearly missed. Harriet has challenged me in so many ways from taking care of my body, eating the right foods, to digging in the Word and strengthening my relationship with God. Today she really showed each of us how she loves us and made us feel so special. SS was right, there are "Big" shoes to fill. I know God will bring just the right person to fill those. I pray she has just as much wisdom as Mrs. Harriet Hickey.

On another note, our speaker today was Kelly, from Kelly's Korner. She did a great job speaking to our group. She spoke about blogging and why she does and why she thinks it is important. Kelly really gave some good points. Our children grow up so fast and it is hard to remember every little thing about them, so if you blog about it, you can go back and remember those precious memories.

Kelly's blog has really touched a lot of people and God has really used it for the good. It was really awesome to see and hear her talk about people being saved through her blog. Isn't that what we are here for? To spread God's word and share His love? He took a girl in Arkansas and used her for something so big to others and so little to her. She was so sweet about it and just wants to be know as the "girl in Arkansas". It was a privilege to meet her and I respect the way she presented herself. Harper was adorable too!!

Thanks for coming Kelly!!

Love, Shaina Meeker

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