Sunday, May 16, 2010

~ Ready, Aim, Fire ~

Ready, aim, fire.

Really me?

I have NEVER shot a gun in my life. To be honest, I was a little frightened. Terral was shooting the camera as Greg was teaching me how to fire a gun.
Gosh, I am such a city girl! HA!

We were at the Driscoll's farm after the wedding rehearsal. I must say the wedding was incredible. It was everything a wedding is supposed to be. There was so much love and meaning in everything they did.
Lighting the unity candle, taking their first communion as a married couple, praying together, giving each other their "true love waits" rings.
It was so emotional and sweet.

So, to Jake and Emily Gordon...
May God Bless you with many wonderful years together. You are both precious people and we will miss you both!!

Love, Shaina