Sunday, September 19, 2010

~ First Cotillion ~

Blakely, Cassie, Sarah Beth, Hadley, and Lauren

Lauren and Connor

Well, the day finally came for Lauren's first cotillion. She was so excited! It was complete with dancing, etiquette instructions, and refreshments. They started out with some line dancing and then it happened... It was time for the boys to ask the girls to dance. It was really funny how they suddenly separated. Lauren was asked by Dane Drennan. The sweet boy had two girls to dance with because there are more girls than boys. (He will appreciate this later on in life HA!) After their partner dancing the kids went around with a different partner to each station to learn about proper communication, eye contact, proper handshake, how to sit lady-like etc... This time her partner was Connor Rouse.

I am hoping Lauren can learn a lot from her experiences with cotillion. She enjoyed it.. not too sure about the boys. It was so fun to watch and take pictures. I can't believe how grown-up all the kids looked on the stage. Can't wait until October to see how the next one goes.


  1. I cannot believe our babies are old enough for this!! Lauren looked beautiful. I told Blake next time he's just got to get brave and ask someone to dance:)

  2. Lauren looks so pretty! So fun!!

  3. Oh the memories this post brings back...and the gloves!! My oh my I had several pairs of those...the long scrunchy ones were my fav! :) Good to see she's having so much fun!!

  4. I can't wait until mine is old enough for cotillion. Hope all goes well this year.