Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~ A Day At Sea ~

On this day at sea, there was plenty of fun to be had. We took the kids to play mini-golf. For the record, I beat Terral! :)

Hud and I were the ones who wanted to swim. Really, I wanted to lay out and Hudson wanted to swim. I got to do both! Fun!!

Camp carnival had a family scavenger hunt. It was really fun! The kids enjoyed running around the boat finding different things.

We did not win, but the kids were given participation awards.

Here we are after the hunt. Of course, Hudson, with his peace sign!

Then it was off to dinner. Almost every night after dinner, the waiters dance. The kids would usually join them. This picture of Lauren looks bad, but she was just doing what the waiter did. It was all in good fun!

After dinner.

This was one of the assistant cruise directors, Alex. He invited Terral to play his fiddle in the comedy club a couple of different nights. Terral made a friend! Imagine that! :)

Here are the kids dancing! I love Harper's face in this picture. She was so serious!

Jasper enjoyed the dancing. He loves music!!

Hudson got so sleepy! Poor baby!

HA!! HA!! HA!! Our dancing friend is back!! Look at Aunt Karla behind him! She looks like she is praising the Lord!! I love it!!

Doing the twist!!!

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