Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~ Last Day at Sea ~

Hudson went to the Funship Freddy party at Camp Carnival. He enjoyed the activities they had. They got to dance with Funship Freddy, had his face painted, and there was some scavenger hunt they did.

Lauren and Grandpa at lunch.

I love pictures like this. There were so many times I would just stand at the balcony and look out at the water. It was just could just look out, see no land. It looked as if the sky and the water meet at some point. It was so awesome to think one God did this; created all of this. WOW!!

Just a view of the deck. Hudson and I loved the slide. Terral went on it too.

Theres Terral and Jasper.

My sweet Hudson!

This was some farewell party we went to. Guess what?! We got to dance! Ha! Imagine that!! :)

Aunt Karla and Uncle Ronnie

Terral and his dad.

Here is Edy doing his magic trick for the night.

The kids looked forward to what he was going to do every night.


Lauren mentioned her birthday was a couple days after we were getting off the boat. When Edy and Bruno heard this, they brought Lauren a piece of apple pie with a candle and sang to her. It was so special to her.

Happy Birthday to you!!

The last dinner on the boat. It was so sad to leave them. They were the best waiters we had!!

Look at Bruno's face!!

My sweet bunny. He was mad at me. Not sure why. I think he was so exhausted!!

There he is passed out with his boat in hand. He loves that thing. He now has it in his room.


  1. Looks like yall had a fun trip!! You have such a sweet family! Love you guys!

  2. Wow what a fun time you all had!! =) love alllllll the pictures!!