Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~ First Day ~

I love this picture! They really love each other!
Hudson's first day of preschool.

Getting settled in with the legos.

Hudson with his "sweet" teacher Ms. Amanda. He just walked in and she showed him right where his chair was. He was so brave. He slowly pulled out his chair to sit down and start building away.

He really liked it. He was happy to see his sister. Lauren rode the bus there after school.
It is such a blessing to watch my children grow up..but it is so bittersweet.
I want them to spread their wings and fly...

I love you Hud!!!

Love, Mom


  1. It is a bittersweet feeling! You have some sweet kiddos! What a blessing they are, huh?

  2. They are so cute! He is going to love it down there!! It's amazing what they can do after they leave that preschool!!!

  3. Wow!! I can't believe he is old enough for preschool!!! Precious pics of the two of them!