Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~ Praise Team Retreat ~

This past weekend was our praise team retreat. Brother Tom planned this for us to learn new music and study God's word.

I love how God uses Terral and I for music. Terral really blesses my heart with his abilities on the fiddle.

I have come to know each praise team member, some more than others, but I love them all. Susie has really become one whom I love to talk to. She is really a true disciple of God. I know God is teaching me a lot through her. I love her so much!!

We all had a great time!! Brother Tom put together some great lessons for us. Each of us shared when we were saved, which was amazing! I really opened up with this group this weekend. They feel like family. We are all different in so many ways, but we all love Jesus and want to bring others to Him.

Here are all the men who attended.

Here are all the ladies.

I want to thank Brother Tom for being a true disciple for Christ! He did an awesome job putting music together, plus the lessons and all the planning for meals and room assignments. He put a lot of effort into this retreat. He has a desire for us to help lead others to Christ. Praise team is not something that is taken lightly. We are examples on that stage. We are not performing; we are praising Jesus and trying to lead others to do the same.

Again, it was a great weekend. We sang and others played instruments, but it went straight to Jesus.

The CROSS is for dying.
The TOWEL is for serving.
The YOKE is for learning.


  1. So thankful for your weekend! Tom is blessed to have you all, and we are blessed to have Tom.

  2. What a great group! What a blessing to our church!!

  3. Love this post! That retreat was just what I needed. I'm already looking forward to the next one! =) and I LOVED getting to know you and Terral on a more personal level. You two are the BOMB.COM and I don't think I've laughed THAT hard in a very long time. =)

  4. I figured you would be on a praise team or something! :) Just found your blog and glad I did! :)