Wednesday, April 27, 2011

~ BSF Fellowship ~

A couple of weeks ago we had a BSF fellowship at Mrs. Kelsea's house. It was great to hang out and let all the children play.

Here is Mrs. Alice playing with the children. They just love her. She is wonderful! It has been so awesome being in her group. Mrs. Alice is so passionate for the Lord and so wise. The Lord has really used her to teach me!!

BSF has been so wonderful for me! It has really taught me to "dig" into God's word. My relationship with the Lord has grown huge and my boys have learned a lot too!! I only have 2 more weeks of this Bible study and I am really sad about it! We have been studying Isaiah and man, God is so awesome!! He really carried the Israelites just like he carries me through tough times! I am on a hunt for a Bible study for the summer!!


  1. hey!
    i'm really interested in BSF, i just got started in MOPS (i've been twice) and i hate that they are at the same time (we can't do the night bsf class)...when do you guys start back up again?? I'd really like to try it out!!!

  2. Looks like fun! I so hope to get to do it! Love your blog updates! :)

  3. hey girl! just wanted to let you know about the shellac...i have them done at Q Nails Spa over on zero street by eureka pizza :) its $20 and it'll last about 2 weeks! it's great stuff!! i don't know if you can purchase it because it's kind of a system...i think you have to have someone else do it :) it was so nice seeing you at BSF i can't wait to get started in september!! :) see you soon!