Monday, December 5, 2011

~ The 2011 Halloween Post ~

Yes, I realize it is December, and I am just now posting about Halloween, but it was too much fun to be left out!!

There were many memories made and fun costumes to see!

Terral's parents...aka Popeye and Olive Oil(sp?), hosted their second Halloween party. They know how to have fun too!! Don't they look awesome?!

This Halloween was so fun!! My boys had a great time and thought it was so "cool" their dad dressed up to go along with their theme. Terral had a great time too!

Josh and Kathy are always so creative with their costumes! Isn't this awesome?

Sweet Jacque...I think she said Lexi painted all of that!! That took a lot of patience!

Lexi was funny...dressing up as Octomom!!

Jennifer, the hippie, and sweet Lily. :)

Here are Lindsey and her little chickens! Simply precious!!

Gerald Don and his sweet wife, Jessi.

Love this, Sonny and Cher. They would probably kill me if they saw this picture!!

Love these two!!

I seriously think the Meekers could start our own Baldknobbers show! Is this not hilarious?!
Lonnie and Rhonda as travelers.

Pippy Longstockings and I. The party was a blast. Debbie really puts a lot into it. She gives prizes and comes up with creative games. The adults participated in a scavenger hunt around Greenwood...our team won! :)) There was a ton of food, activites for the kids, music and dancing, and lots of prizes!!

This is Lexi and I playing this had to put your bare feet in a bucket of noodles and get the marbles out with your toes. It was such a challenge!!

The kids love hitting the pinata. Each child got one turn and the last one busted it open!

This was on Halloween. So glad Hudson was able to see his Buddy!

All the grandkids and Terral. This was before hitting the road for hardcore trick-or-treating!

Lauren was able to see some of her friends on the "streets".
Hadley, Landry, and Lauren

All the goods. We ended up with way too much candy!!!
It was so much fun though.
The party was such a hit! It really gets you thinking about costumes for next year!


  1. WOW!! Love all those costumes!! Great pictures!! And it sounds like you all had a wonderful time!! =)

  2. LOVE the costumes!!! So adorable :)