Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ok, so when we bought our computer we did not get a printer. Real bummer for me! It was driving me crazy I could not print coupons or make creative things. Plus it seemed Lauren was always wanting to print something. T and I had talked about buying one, but just never broke down and did it. Well, at last, the right one has come along. I went into K-Mart of all places. I never go in there, but I did. There it was!! My HP printer originally $99.99 marked down to $40.00!!! I could not believe it. Was this a mistake? I found the man working in electronics and asked him if it was correct and he assured me it was not a mistake. So what did I do? Scooped that bad boy up of course? I was so thrilled!! What a great savings. It might not be the newest model out there, but good enough to print my coupons! :) It works like a charm too! I have already tried it out. It pays to be patient!!

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  1. Patience is a virtue. Congratulations on the printer.