Monday, September 14, 2009

~ Labor Day Weekend ~

What a great Labor Day weekend we had! It started off with dinner with some good friends, Dave and Rebekah Moore at the Catfish Hole in Alma. It was good, but I prefer The Barn in Rock Island. The fried potatoes there are amazing. Fully loaded with salt and fat!! MMM!!! :)
Anyway, we then headed to NWA!! Great fun!! I love to see my family!! It just does not happen enough. We stayed with my Aunt Yvonne, whom I love dearly! She lives out at Horseshoe Bend and there are deer everywhere. I was able to get some pictures of them. It is crazy how close they let me get!
Terral and my cousin Tim sat and played music together. Terral loves to just hang out and play. I think it is so amazing how Terral can just hear a song one time and start playing!! Lauren and Hudson had a great time playing with their cousins, Jayde, Gavin, and Ashlynn.
We went and saw my sister working at the snow cone stand, The Frozen Tung. What a cool name!! I thought it was very fitting! Right by it was this store called The Purple Armadillo. Awesome! I loved it. It was a home decor store. I did not get a picture of it, but I wish I would have. Terral was nice enough to sit in the car with the kids and let me roam for a bit. They were all eating their snow cones. (Lauren had a chocolate one! Yuck! Hudson had grape and raspberry.) Of course I did not have enough time in the store, but I was grateful I got to go in.
My brother took the time to come and see us!! Amazing. He is 20 and this was his first time to see Jasper. I guess a 20 year old has better things to do than see their brand new nephew!!
Overall it was a great time. I am so glad we were able to go and chill out with the family!

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