Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~ Overwhelmed ~

I just needed a quick moment!! AAAHHHHH!!!!
Lauren has a TON of homework EVERY night! It is so frustrating! How did Terral and I graduate from high school? College? This 4th grade math is kicking my tail! Lauren, poor thing, has been getting to bed late every night because there is so much homework. How do I teach her to think on her own? Is that a crazy question? I try to offer suggestions and end up telling her what to do. How do I teach her study skills? I am so NOT a teacher!!

I feel like I am chasing my own tail. Does anyone else feel this way? I can't catch up on anything. How is it going to be when I have 3 with homework and activities. I do not know how I am going to do it!! I know I can. There are so many of you that do!! Thanks for being my encouragement. It is encouraging watching those of you that do it all!! (Sherry D, TH, SW)

Thanks to all!!


  1. Hang in there! You are doing great, it just doesnt feel that way! Everybody is clean, fed, and in a warm bed.

  2. You are doing great Shaina! I always wonder how you do it. I am chasing my own tail & I only have 1!

  3. There are hard days,even weeks but God is Good! You are an amazing mom. Sometimes you just have to vent to your gur frens, ya know?

    The homework is different each year, I've found. I think it just depends on the teacher!


  4. I'm feeling your pain, but this year it is Evan with all the homework. Blake has maybe 4 math problems every night and Evan has 2 books, 2 lists of spelling words, a word list, and a math homelink every night! Hang in there though, it always seems to get better!

  5. Hi, Shaina! Thanks for the comment on our blog. It's good to get to catch up with you and Terral through your blog as well! Tell him Ryan and I said "hi."