Monday, March 29, 2010

~10 Months old ~

Yes, my little Jasper is now 10 months old as of March 26th, 2010! I am still taking in each precious moment with him. I feel like I have really observed him more than I did my other two children. Maybe because it is the third child and I am not planning on having any more babies. Not real sure, but he is a little bundle of joy!! He smiles a lot and hardly ever cries. If he is really tired or hungry, he will let you know.

The facts about little J:

  • Jasper you are into everything!!
  • You love to play in the cabinets and empty them out.
  • You follow your brother and sister around everywhere they go and you laugh at them a lot.
  • You still love your pacifier. (I am not crazy about this one.)
  • You throw things in the trash, luckily I have been close by to recover the trashed items. :)
  • You like your schedule and you go to bed between 8:30 and 9:00pm each night.
  • You still nurse, though I am cutting you off at a year buddy!!
  • You weigh about 20 pounds and have two teeth on the bottom and none on the top. I keep waiting for them to come in because you chew on everything you can get your hands on and slobber majorly.
  • I am wondering if you are going to be a drummer. You really like to bang on things and you have a little drum and you play with it a lot. Music makes you happy. I love to watch you "wiggle" to music when it is going.
  • You love your momma!! Daddy is starting to realize how much of a momma's boy you really are. Sometimes you even fuss if I hand you off to Daddy. I kind of like it!! :)
You bring so much joy to my life. You are a little ray of sunshine and I am so blessed to be your mother. God chose me!! Wow! That is incredible!! I love you little guy, my sweet little baby J!

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