Friday, April 23, 2010

~ Happy Friday ~

Sweet store

Playing in the store. They had fun!!

Really love this arrangement! Love the feathers!

Today was a great day.

Running around with a wonderful friend, who offered her "motherly" advice to me for the fit thrower in my family. I will take any advice I can get. I really need the book, "The Strong Willed Child". Any one have it? :)

Our day started at the G Kids sale. It was not bad. We went for the "re-load" of toys. Not many people there, mainly workers, who seemed to be doing nothing but standing around. They were not very helpful at all!! Very disappointing.
(TC- I am not referring to you in any way. You were with someone when we needed help!)

Then we headed to the great city of Van Buren. Down town is so sweet with their sweet antique shops, photography studios, and apparel shops. I really enjoyed Olee O's and the kids had a great time playing in there. The owner was so nice and she made the shopping experience pleasant, allowing the boys to play with her daughter. Yesterdaze antiques was a neat little place. They had a great window display.

A few purchases were made. Did not spend a lot of money, which is good. Mr. Meeker will think so too!!

It was a fun day. A day with a great friend. Good company. Good talk.

Much love,

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun sweet girl!! Love that flower arrangement, love it!! I have never heard of the first store, I will have to check it out!