Friday, December 10, 2010

~ Christmas Parade~

The 2010 Christmas parade has come and gone.
The past several years, Terral has volunteered to drive one of the many fire trucks. For that I am thankful. This is a great way to stay warm. It seems every year it is so stinking cold the evening of the Christmas parade. I know it is December and it is supposed to be cold, but I don't understand how we can have random 60 degree days but never on that night. Oh well, I guess it makes it seem more like Christmas time if it is cold the night of the parade. I have included a few pictures(pardon the quality) of the kids in the truck. We had bought the kids little candy canes to throw, a box for the girls and a box for the boys. They were gone right as we rounded the corner to get on main street!! They were throwing them by the hand fulls!! So, if you did not get any candy canes, I apologize. Someone else got your share!!

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