Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~ Jasper's First Haircut ~

The top two pictures are the "before" pics.

These are the "after" pictures!

The day finally arrived.
Yes, the one when I was forced by my sweet husband to cut J's hair!!
He is my baby but it had to be done.
Jasper looks more like a big boy now.
After all he is almost 20 months!!
Can you believe that?
Time flies!!


  1. He does look so big with his hair cut!! I enjoyed him today. He is so much fun!

  2. AWW! He does look like a big boy now! But he looks absolutely ADORABLE!

  3. He is getting so big and now I will really get him and Hud mixed up! So handsome!

  4. SO cute!! Beau desperately needs a hair cut but Travis absolutely REFUSES!!! Even when the waiter at LaFiesta called him "seniorita". Did Terral cut it? He did great!