Saturday, June 1, 2013

~ Cayman Islands ~

 When you port in the Cayman Islands; you have to take a ferry to get to the port. On this day, it was just the five of us. 
 A picture of our boat.
 The kiddos.
 Such tourists....
 Poor Jasper needed to stop and take a break. We did a lot of walking and he was thirsty.
 The Meekers and their thumbs up. I am not real sure how we all started that but I have seen it in a lot of our vacation pictures.
 Terral and I at lunch. We ate at a restaurant right on the water and it was so gorgeous!!
 Makes you want to jump right in!

 There were people who were snorkeling right by us. They seemed to be having a wonderful time. We walked around the island and shopped. It such a neat place. Terral wanted to give the kids a break from the beach, but next time I go to Cayman I want to snorkel. We have swam with the stingrays in the past and I would do it again....I think.  ;)

 Lauren and I headed back to the ship.
 Once we were back on the boat we hit the ice cream cones, miniature golf, and......
 the water slides.
 They were so much fun. I went down several times myself.
 Terral and his dad.
 Photo bomb courtesy of Hudson.
 Terral and I at dinner time.
 One of the other tables.
 I LOVE this man!!!!!
 Terral and his mom.
 Terral and his parents. We love cruising with them. I am so thankful for them! Wonderful parents and grandparents.
 Jasper always has to be the goofball.
 Our waiter was showing Myles a cool trick he had. All the kids had to get in on the action....including Aaron. Ha!
 Lonnie and Rhonda
 Our towel stingray. I did not take pictures of all our towel animals this time.
I am not sure why this picture posted out of order, but this was when we were getting back on the boat.

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