Friday, November 13, 2009

~ Halloween ~

Mr. and Mrs. Meeker
Hudson as the Tinman

Jasper as the Lion

Lauren as Dorothy

The Meeker Family

I am so behind on blogging!! So, I was looking through my pictures to decide what I should share with the "blogging" world. Halloween was the first thing I discovered. Halloween was a 2 day holiday in the Meeker world this year. Mr. and Mrs. Meeker had a halloween party on Friday, the 30th. It was fun. The kids had a blast. Our family chose the Wizard of Oz theme. It was great! Terral was the scarecrow, Lauren was Dorothy, Hudson was the tinman, and Jasper was the lion. I was supposed to be Glinda, the good witch, but I had some wardrobe malfunctions. I basically searched the house and in the pictures you can see what I came up with!!

On the 31st, all the Meekers went trick or treating together. It was a lot of fun as well. We still have candy!! We received a lot of candy!! The kids had a blast though and that is what matters.

Something happened to my camera and I did not get any pictures on Halloween, but did on the 30th. I did not use face paint the 2nd night of dressing up and I think Hud's costume looked better without the face paint. I did not use the foil either. I wish I had some pictures to show of the second night. Oh well!!

Love, Shaina


  1. So precious! Love the costumes!

  2. I have been waiting to see the Halloween pics! Very cute!!!

  3. I just caught up on your blog! The Meekers have been BUSY!! I love your halloween costumes!