Friday, November 13, 2009

Sweet Jasper- he was soooo good!
Loved this booth!

This was a great one too!

My sweet boy and I!

How could I not blog about one of the greatest weekends of the year?! Every year I look forward to one specific weekend in October. This is the weekend I go to Oklahoma City!! This year TH went with me. We had such a great time. Took a little time to get out of Greenwood, but that was understandable. There are a lot of arrangements to be made with 5 kids!! The sixth child went with us. :)

We shopped our little hearts out! We ate good, shopped, talked, texted (story there but won't go there), laughed, and saw some good ole Oklahoma sights. (ex. Pig Out Palace)

I absolutely can not wait until next year!! OKC watch out because we will be back!!
Love, Shaina

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