Friday, November 13, 2009

Terral and Dax
Hudson did not want Dax to leave!!

Over the years we make friends and sometimes they move away, or we move away, or life happens and distance is created because of life happening and changes, etc... Though there are those few friends you find who are irreplaceable. The ones you laugh with, cry with, loose loved ones with, or/and grow up with. Terral had a lifelong friend come to town and it was a great visit!! Dax and Terral have been friends since they were just little boys. He was able to come over for dinner and meet Hudson and Jasper (he already knew Lauren) and just hang out. It was really refreshing for me to be in the kitchen preparing dinner and cleaning up and listening to the two of them laugh and laugh. I found myself so tickled because of their laughter. They were reminiscing of the past and telling stories. I know Terral really enjoyed having him over. Dax lives in Thailand and has not been to the states in three years. Hudson really liked him.

Isn't it so great to have those friends in your life you truly love and know you can call on anytime!!

Thank you to my dear friends who are always there for me! You know who you are!!

Love, Shaina

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