Sunday, December 27, 2009

~ Christmas Eve ~

Terral and I enjoyed our Christmas Eve. We traveled back to Greenwood from Northwest Arkansas in the rain. The rain was yucky but the snow made up for it!! We attended the 2nd Christmas Eve service and I was truly blessed and reminded of how blessed I am. I do not know how the first service went at FBC- Greenwood, but the 2nd one was so warm and inviting. The McKinney boys sang a duet, What Child Is This? One played the keyboard and the other played the guitar and they both sang. It was really good. They just lost their mother a couple of weeks ago and for them to get up on stage and use their gifts to glorify God was amazing! They did a great job. It was an honor to get to sing with the praise team in the service, but seeing Hudson was so precious. While I was on stage, all had their candles lit and all were singing Silent Night. When I looked out into the crowd I spotted Hudson. There he was, this sweet little angel sitting so still and precious holding his little candle so sweetly. All you could see was his little face lit up by the candle light. I wish I would have had a camera!! It was a priceless moment. I will never forget it!!

After the service it was snowing!! The kids were so excited, we were too!! So, we went home, the kids put out cookies and milk, and snuggled up in Lauren's bed. Terral and I started working like busy little bees. It was fun preparing the presents for the kids. Filling the stockings, wrapping the presents, and eating late night pizza and ice cream. Spending that time with Terral was precious to me. He really was sent to me by God!! I do not thank God for him enough!!

Love, Shaina

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