Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jasper loves his little monkey!

Uncle Blake is very interesting!
Opening presents.


My Aunt Tina and I.
The boys in their white shirts!

My brother Blake and I. (Wish he would cut his hair!)

Aunt Yvonne and I.

Stephanie and I, my other sister!
These pictures are from Christmas with my family. We had a great time. We went to Rogers and had dinner at my cousin's house and all my Aunts were there. They play such a huge part in my life! I love them all! I love to take pictures when everyone is all together. Stephanie is my cousin Cody's fiancee. It is crazy how much we are alike!! Terral and Cody always tease us about being sisters!! She is such a sweetie!!
My cousin Megan, Lauren, and Jasper

Cody and Jasper
I love all my family! I am always so glad when we can all get together! It is always such a blast!!
Love, Shaina

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  1. I have enjoyed reading through your posts. I'm not done yet, but I had to comment on this one....I wish my brother would cut his hair! He is 21, I think it's the generation.....and that Jasper...ohhhh my, he is SO cute!