Monday, November 22, 2010

~ Cotillion Again ~

It is that time again...


It is dreaded in some households.....

but not this one...
Can you tell she loves it?

She has many friends who attend.

It is so much fun getting to shop with her and picking out a dress. Great mother/daughter time.

It is so much fun watching her interact with other students and I hope she is learning something. I really hope cotillion helps with her shyness and communication skills.
I do know Lauren is having a great time and I am happy with that.


  1. She look so pretty!! and grown up. . . boo hoo.

  2. Blake was pretty pumped that he got to dance with Lauren:) I still can't believe it, but he LOVES Cotillion!

  3. i love this! She is SUCH a pretty little girl! Can you imagine how beautiful she will be as a grown woman!? Better start cleaning that shot gun on the front porch early dad! haha