Wednesday, November 24, 2010

~ What I Have Learned ~

This is what I am thankful for. The five of us.
My precious children, wonderful husband, and Heavenly Father are more than a girl could ask for.

This year, I have learned and grown closer to God. My relationship with Him is one that has become a strong priority. I have learned what a true friend is. I have also learned to look at the heart of a person and how to love deeper. God amazes me daily and these past two days I have really felt His presence. He has brought some people in my life who have really ministered to me and people who I really admire and look to for Godly counsel. He has shown me some weaknesses but has also shown me some strengths. I struggle daily to be the person God wants me to be, but it is on my heart to be that person. So, for Thanksgiving I have to give God glory for providing for mine and my family's needs and so much more, for giving His life for us who are so unworthy, and for bringing people in my life who really care and love me (you know who you are and I do too).


  1. Love you friend. . . I hope I made the your friend list?! If not, how about loving neighbor? lol! You are a precious person! Press on! Press on!

  2. =) I love you, God is good all the time! I love how God feels closer in the hard/confusing times of our lives. In fact it's in those times that he shows me the same things you mentioned. Somehow it makes things hurt less knowing that he uses our trials to teach us the things he longs for us to understand. Does that make sense at all? lol It makes sense in my little brain haha.
    Thank you for the encouragement.
    And (as you already know how I feel about you and your family), thank you for being such a wonderful example to me. You have shown me how to be a good wife and mother in how you live your life. Even on the days when you have to just plaster a smile on, you've shown me that it's not always an easy life but that's when you have to dig in to Jesus and His word. I only get to see you a couple of times a week, I can't imagine how much you bless the people that get to see you every day.
    =) Just thought I needed to tell you all of that.
    Much Love and Big Hugs! -Jess