Wednesday, January 27, 2010

~ Curl up and Cry ~

(not sure why the picture is so small)
I am going to curl up and watch this today! Lounge pants, a big bowl of ice cream, and a big comfy blanket!! Full of laughter and tears! Sometimes we just need to let out those tears. I am going to let them flow!!
Did you know you could stay in the Steel Magnolia house? It is a bed and breakfast. It was built in 1831 in Natchitoches, Louisiana along the Cane River. What a dream! ( as TH would say)
I am thinking I need to take a little trip! Any takers?


  1. LOVE that movie. sounds like fun!!

  2. I have never stayed in a bed and breakfast. I would love to. . .
    You reckin' they smell like bacon and eggs? I just couldn't handle it. I can't do that smell, and for some strange reason when I hear "bed and breakfast" I think of that. . .

    I know.

  3. OMG! that is my all time favorite movie!!! i would go in a heartbeat!!!