Monday, January 18, 2010

~ Friday with Friends ~

Baby J was getting sleepy, can you tell?
Crazy crew!

They could be a match, she is a little older. Not by much though.

Crazy boys, best buds!

Sweet girls
This post is overdue, but it seems I do not have much time to post blogs on the weekend! Friday was a great time with friends. I love to hang out and just have a good time. Kids play, parents chat and everyone eats! There is always room for food! Oh, can't forget the sweet tea, if you are at TH's!! The kids got along great and as it was time to go T and I were informed Hudson would be staying the night. Not sure what it is about him, but he thinks he is so big and that he can stay the night anywhere. I am pretty sure he thinks he is the same age as his sister. Anyway, he stayed and there were no issues. I can not believe he is already staying the night with friends. Where does the time go?

It was so good to see Mr. Meeker smile and have a good time. He has been a little discouraged lately so hanging with some friends was just the thing for him.

Thanks to the Hobbs for having us over!! We are blessed to have you all! Love ya!!

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