Monday, January 25, 2010

~ My Story ~

This Sunday is going to bring a great "soul cleansing" for me! With this said, I feel as if I should share my story. I am trying to obey God and do what he says!

I was basically raised in church my entire life. I drifted in and out of church during my high school days and while I was in my first year of college. I "thought" I was saved at the age of nine and was baptized then as well. After Terral and I were married, we would attend church and there were times I "doubted" my salvation. I know many have these moments, but one specific day in October 2007, I could not ignore that voice anymore. I prayed and prayed, God, if I really am saved, give me a peace about it. I never felt as though I had that peace. So, I totally surrendered to Christ at that moment in 2007. It was a little frightening walking to the front with all looking, but at the same time, I felt free. Well, Terral and I were in transition of churches at the time, so I was never baptized.

So, this past week, during one of my quiet times I told God I was going to pick up the Bible and read where I opened it. Well, I opened it to the first chapter of Mark, talking about John baptizing Jesus. After I read it I wrote in my journal about it. There was the first "tug" at my heart to get my wheels turning. Yesterday, I was in the 9:15 service and Grant baptized some of his students and he stated, "If we can't get baptized for Christ, what can we do for him?" There was the second "tug" at my heart. Then, Brother Ronnie gave his sermon and I told God, ok, I will do it!! I AM NOT ASHAMED!!

With all of that said, I will indeed be baptized!! WOO HOO!!


  1. This post brought tears to my eyes Shaina!! Thank you for sharing this. I am so happy for you and for this amazing decision. Every time I see someone get baptized, I always imagine the big party they are having in Heaven with all the angels singing! I am so proud of you for recognizing God's pull on your heart and for obeying Him. What an amazing example you are! Love you! :)

  2. Awesome story! So proud of you!

  3. What a wonderful testimony! What service?

  4. Thanks for sharing your story!