Monday, June 14, 2010

~ Off to Camp ~

Caitlyn and Lauren
Hunter and Avery

Lauren and Mrs. Rhonda
"The Crew"

This is what my morning consisted of.
A few tears (from me)...
Off to camp...

My prayer is for Lauren to really get the "grip" of what a real relationship with Jesus is all about.
I know she is in good hands and there are so many "Godly" people there to guide her this week.
I am praying for the hearts of all the kids who went.

Have a great time guys!!

Love, Shaina


  1. I went to camp with the middle school one year. It really is great! I am glad she is in that group now!

  2. Oh I hope I can let Braxton go next year. Maybe I will go with them! HA! Praying they have a great time!