Thursday, June 3, 2010

~ Summer is Here ~

This is what we will be doing this summer.

Having fun in the sun!!

Jasper loved the water.

Have a great summer day!!

Love, Shaina


  1. We had a great time! Thank you for the invite!

  2. Jasper is too cute in that floatie! How sweet that he loved the water! I have one that loves it like me, and one that doesn't know what to think!

  3. Oh what fun! I wish I had a swimming pool, cause I would definitely be in it also! It is so cool "Jasper"....I have not heard that name since I was pregant, my hubby was going to name (if we had a boy) Jasper Douglas and since I had a girl, I got to name her, Brintley! So Jasper is special to me! So precious! Have a great summer!