Sunday, May 19, 2013

~ 1st Day At Sea ~

Our first day at sea was great. I was not sure if the kids would get to swim cause you never know if it will be too breezy until you are really out if the middle of the gulf where its really warm. The weather was perfect! I got to lay out with the girls and the kids hit the waterslides. 

 The kids with Grandma and Grandpa.
 Isn't the water beautiful?!
 The waterslides were fun! We went on them too!
 Aaron, Jacque, and Myles
 Lunch time!
 I think this is the sweetest picture of Grandma Penny and Paul.
 Lauren and Aunt Karla
 Uncle Lonnie and Terral
The basketball boys. They got in on a game. We cheered them on.
 This was our first formal night. I really hate Jasper is missing out of this picture. There were a few nights he went to Camp Carnival for dinner because he would fall asleep while I was getting ready. We had a late dinner.
 Great picture of Terral's parents!
 LOVE this picture of Lauren and Debbie!
 Love this one too!! I think this one is a framer!
 We went to a family comedy show before dinner.
 Lauren and I.
 Lauren, Hudson, and the Captain. Lauren asked the Captain who was driving the boat since he was there with us.
 What do Meekers do best...? dance!!!
 Another great picture of Penny and Paul.
 Alex and I.
 Lonnie and Rhonda
 The three sisters: Brenda, Debbie, and Rhonda
 Jasper and I. He woke up but still looks sleepy!
Myles was worn out!!!

This was such a fun day. I love the relaxation of the day and the dinners are always sooooo good!! 
I can't remember what we did after dinner on this night but the kiddos were tuckered out!


  1. You all look so beautiful! I am thankful you all were able to go and have a blast together as a family!!!! I love that! LOVE that you are bloggin' too!